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Springwater WSO Yacko Warner

DOB: Feb 21 2023

We are so excited to welcome Springwater WSO Yacko Warner to our herd. I wanted a teat and medial buck, one that would hopefully help improve teat size and placement I’m so hopeful this guy can help in that department.

Warners dam, GCH Springwater AL Hellooo Nurse 7*M is beautiful doe. She finished her Grand Championship as a 3 year old and scored VEVE91 on her Linear Appraisal. She also earned her 2022 ANDDA Silver Juju Award. I love her mammary, not only her teat size and placement but also how well her udder collapses down after being milked out. Her mammary is well attached and she has a nice fore udder that blends smoothly into her body. Nurse also comes from a long line of star milkers.


 Warners sire, Winning Streak CM Countn Ordrs *B is a cross from two exceptional lines. Countn Ordrs sire, GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count on Me +*B VVE88 has produced many stunning daughters at Winning streak. Countn Ordrs dam, GCH Phoenix Farm IDA Special Order 1*M VEEE91 is another doe who I have admired for a very long time. She has an near perfect mammary with a very strong medial, incredible large teats with great placement. As a 9th freshener she still continues to impress produced 1214lbs of milk in 305 days. At almost 10 years old she still shines in the show ring winning not only Best Of Breed but also Best SR Doe In Show at the 2021 South Florida Fair.


                                                                              SSS: CH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable
                                                        SS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count on Me +*B VVE88
                                                                              SSD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm CountNBlessngs 1*M VEEV89
SIRE: Winning Streak CM Countn Ordrs *B
                                                                             SDS: Poppy Patch SM Johnny Depp
                                                        SD: GCH Phoenix Farm IDA Special Order 1*M VEEE91
                                                                             SDD: Old Mountain Farm Ida Hot One 
                                                                             DSS: SG Old Mountain Farm Nightshade ++B
                                                         DS: SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro *B Elite Buck
                                                                             DSD: SG Sugar Moon RB Gianna 2*M VVEE89 Top 10 Leader & Elite Doe
Springwater AL Hellooo Nurse 7*M VEVE91
                                                                             DDS: Springwater HKY Pack A Day *B
                                                         DD: SG Springwater SMKY Katie Kaboom VVVV 88
                                                                             DDD: Sage-Acres BF Kourtney K 5*M VEEE 90

Classification History- not yet classified

nurse2_orig (1).jpg

Dam: Springwater AL Hellooo Nurse (photo courtesy of Springwater Dairy Goats)


Sire: Winning Streak CM Countn Ordrs

(photo courtesy of Winning Streak)


Sire's dam: Phoenix Farm IDA Special Order

(photo courtesy of Winning Streak)


Sire's sire dam: Wood Bridge Farm CountNBlessngs (photo courtesy of Agape's Prize)

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