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805 FB Caspian

DOB: Feb 1 2022

I'm very excited to welcome Caspian to our herd! He growing beautifully and is very well balanced. He has the sweetest temperament and always comes running to greet us.


His dam, Curl Creek Rose Oak (who I sold as a kid) freshened with a stunning mammary! I was so happy when Tara from 805 Farms sent me pics of her 1st freshening mammary. I’m thrilled with correctness of her udder, in particular her teat size and placement which blew me away. Her udder is very well attached and according to her owner, she has exceptionally soft udder texture.


His sire, Further Kentucky KWB Blue Grass is out of the beautiful Further DM Kentucky Rye who has proven herself over and over again in the show ring.

Looking very forward to seeing what he can do!


                                                                                                SSS: Dragonfly HX Altjira 
                                                             SS: Kyeema Ridge Wild Bill Hickok 
                                                                                                SSD: Lost Valley MR Megan VEEE90
SIRE: Furthur KWB Kentuckeybluegrass 
                                                                                                SDS: Dawnland CHB Micmac 
                                                             SD: Furthur
 DM Kentucky Rye  
                                                                                                SDD: Furthur KF Sunshine Daydream
                                                                                                DSS: Castle Rock Pound Foolish  *S
                                                              DS: Castle Rock Black Oak *S EX93
                                                                                                DSD: GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 2*D EEEE 92 
DAM: Curl Creek Rose Oak
                                                                                                DDS: Camanna BP Marshall VG85 
                                                              DD: Curl Creek Rosalina *M
                                                                                                DDD: Curl Creek Trinity

Classification History- Not yet classified


Dam: Curl Creek Rose Oak (photo courtesy of 805 Farm)


Sire: Furthur Farm KWB Kentuckeybluegrass (photo courtesy of 805 Farm)


Sire's dam: Furthur DM Kentucky Rye (photo courtesy of Furthur Farm)


Sire's sire dam: Lost Valley MR Megan (photo courtesy of Kyeema Ridge)

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