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Curl Creek GT Sahara VG87

DOB: Mar 14 2022

Pictured above at 1 year old. Mammary pics- 1st freshening.


Sahara is a up and comer who we think holds a lot of promise. She freshened with a single kid but despite not having a large full udder she still did very good on her classification as a yearling milker scoring VG87. We admire her dairy strength for a yearling, her length of body and strong legs and feet. Her udder has great width of attachment and nice size teats. Ideally we would like to see her teats pull in a little more which we feel they will with another freshening. We always dread it when 1st fresheners have a single as they usually have lower production and their mammary doesn't have a chance to really stretch and fill to reach full potential. We are very much looking forward to seeing another freshening and what she can really do once she gains some more capacity.


                                                                             SSS: CH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable
                                                        SS:  Agape's Prize Gold Centerfold
                                                                             SSD: CH Wood Bridge Farm 22K Gold EX 91 2021 ADGA National Champion
SIRE: Lil Miss B Haven Golden Ticket VG88
                                                                             SDS: Agape's Prize Sulaymaan Quinn *B
                                                        SD: Lil Miss B Haven Francine 4*M VG88 
                                                                             SDD: ​GCH Lil Miss B Haven Francesca 3*M EX90
                                                                             DSS: Castle Rock Pound Foolish *S
                                                        DS: Castle Rock Black Oak +S *S EX93
                                                                             DSD: GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 2*D EEEE 92 
DAM: Curl Creek Domino 3*M VG88
                                                                             DDS: Calico Creek Indian Ocean 
                                                        DD: Curl Creek Confetti 2*M EX93 Select Doe
                                                                             DDD: Thistle Creek Sambuca Splash *M

Kidding History

2023 - 1st freshening bred to 805 Caspian: 1 buck

Show History

Classification History

Year-2023   Age-1    Score-VG87

Rump-89  Dairy Strength-88  Feet & Legs-88  Mammary-85

CGS One-Day Milk Test

2023 - 1st freshening - 3.13lbs - 2.46% BF = 5.13 Total Points (had a single kid)

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