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Curl Creek Noir Oak 3*M VG89


DOB: Feb 16 2021

Pictured above at 2 years old. Mammary pics- 2nd freshening.


Noir is a powerful little doe who carries quite a bit of width and depth, as well as strength of bone. She has lovely extension of the brisket, strong legs and feet and good width in the chest along with excellent depth of body. She was classified for the first time in 2023 as a 2nd freshener scoring 90 across the board, the highest score that a 2nd freshener can get. Her mammary is very correct with width in the rear, area of attachment, strong medial and correct teat placement. She also has a beautiful smoothly blended fore udder.


She was also on one day milk test however she was feeling a little under the weather on test day and was very nervous on the stand. Even tho she earned her milk star I knew she could do better so decided to test her again with the second group and she did fantastic. 

Noir is a shy doe and does not like to be handled. It's difficult to get decent body pics of her but hoping to get some better pics of her soon.


                                                                                               SSS: Castle Rock Bentley *S 
                                                          SS: Castle Rock Pound Foolish *S
                                                                                               SSD: SGCH CRF Castle Rock Penny Wise 1*M 3*D VVEE 90
SIRE: Castle Rock Black Oak +S *S EX93
                                                                                                SDS: Twin Creek Montego Bay *S *B
                                                           SD: GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 2*D EEEE 92 
                                                                                                SDD: ARMCH/GCH/PGCH Esperanza WS Sara 1*M VVEV 87​
                                                                                                 DSS: Castle Rock Pound Foolish *S
                                                           DS: Castle Rock Black Oak
 *S EX93
                                                                                                 DSD: GCH
 Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 2*D EEEE 92 
DAM: Curl Creek Chantilly 2*M VG 89
                                                                                                 DDS: Rockstar Ranch Dropsofjupiter
                                                           DD: Ryder Creek Honey Dew *M
                                                                                                 DDD: Thistle Creek Ellie Mae 

Kidding History

2022 - 1st freshening bred to Lil Miss B Haven Golden Ticket: 1 doe

2023 - 2nd freshening bred to Lil Miss B Haven Golden Ticket: 1 doe, 1 buck

Show History

Classification History

Year-2023   Age-2    Score-VG89

Rump-90  Dairy Strength-90  Feet & Legs-90  Mammary-90

CGS One-Day Milk Test

2023 - 2nd freshening - 4.41lbs - 9.27% BF = 13.87 Total Points (earned her *M)

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