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Curl Creek Kickstart My Heart 2*M

DOB: March 9 2019

Pictured above at 3 years old. Mammary pics- 3rd freshening (photos courtesy of 805 Farm)

We sold Kickstart after her 1st freshening, a decision we quickly regretted. When a fellow breeder reached out to let me know she was dispersing her herd, I jumped on the opportunity to bring Kickstart home. I love this does mammary. She has big plump straight down teats, a nice medial and a smoothly blended fore.


We got Kickstart home late spring 2023 and she was hardly in milk so didn't make classifications or milk test but will be done in 2024.


                                                                             SSS: Castle Rock Bentley *S 
                                                        SS: Castle Rock Pound Foolish *S
                                                                             SSD: SGCH CRF Castle Rock Penny Wise 1*M 3*D VVEE 90
SIRE: Castle Rock Black Oak +S *S EX93
                                                                             SDS: Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay *S *B
                                                        SD: GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 2*D EEEE 92 
                                                                             SDD: ​ARMCH/GCH/PGCH Esperanza WS Sara *M VVEV 87​
                                                                             DSS: Algedi Farm MH Buck Rogers VVE 88  
                                                        DS: Poppy Patch BR Jonny Fiasco  
                                                                             DSD: CH Poppy Patch PB Mar West 
DAM: Curl Creek Willow *M EX90 Select Doe
                                                                             DDS: Calico Creek Indian Ocean 
                                                        DD: Thistle Creek Blue Ivy 
                                                                             DDD: Thistle Creek Liles And Lace 

Kidding History

2020 - 1st freshening bred to Camanna BP Marshall: 2 bucklings

2021 - 2nd freshening (info NA, kidded at another farm)

2022 - 3rd freshening (info NAkidded at another farm)

2023 - 4th freshening (info NAkidded at another farm)

Show History

Classification History

CGS One-Day Milk Test

2021 - 2nd freshening - 3.90lbs - 5.63% BF = 8.66 Total Points (earned her *M credit of Burnt Barn Ranch)

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