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Curl Creek Confetti 2*M EX93

2019 CGS West National Grand Champion

DOB: Feb 6 2016 

Pictured above at 7 years old. Mammary pics- 3rd freshening.


Confetti has held up so well despite having a rough start. We sold her as a kid but had the opportunity to buy her back after her first freshening when the breeder decided to sell their herd. She came back to us in poor condition and was half the size of her sister but with some TLC she bounced back quickly to the size and weight were she should have been for her age.

She is such a powerful doe with loads of depth, width and substance throughout. She is smoothly blended and very level across her topline. She has excellent body capacity and is such a well balanced doe. She is the perfect combination of general appearance and dairy strength.

She has a very pretty udder with wide lateral attachment and a capacious mammary system. She easily earned her milk star when we put her on her first milk test as a 2nd freshener and is still producing well at 7 years old doing over 5lbs on her one day milk test in 2023.


We took Confetti to our first ever show in 2019 when she was only a 2nd freshener. She placed first in her class and then went on to win the CGS West National Grand Champion title. The same year she also classified VG89, the highest score a 2nd freshener can get. We were so proud of her and what she had accomplished at such a young age. In 2023 at 7 years old, we had her classified again and this time she scored an incredible EX93 right along with her littermate sister Razzle. These two sisters are among just a few Nigerian does in Canada that have ever scored that high.


                                                                                                      SSS: ARMCH Rosasharn's Under My Thumb *B *S
                                                                 SS: CH Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S *B VVE 86 
                                                                                                      SSD: ARMCH Rosasharn's TL Arwen 2*M 8*D VEEE 90​
SIRE: Calico Creek Indian Ocean                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SDS: Honey Goat MT Carmel 
                                                                 SD: Honey Goat Snowy River
                                                                                                      SDD: Sugar Creek MT Tressa 
                                                                                                       DSS: Linwood CL Blue Eclipse 
                                                                DS: Cedar Green Bobby Sox
                                                                                                       DSD: Linwood CSI Be Little Lulu 
DAM: Thistle Creek Sambuca Splash *M  
                                                                                                       DDS: Galiano's Dante 
                                                                DD: Cedar Glen Scarlett  
                                                                                                        DDD: Galiano's Chaos

Kidding History

2017 - 1st freshening (info NA, kidded at another farm)

2018 - had the year off

2019 - 2nd freshening bred to Castle Rock Black Oak: 1 buck, 1 doe

2020 - 3rd freshening bred to Castle Rock Black Oak: 1 buck, 1 doe

2021 - 4th freshening bred to Castle Rock Black Oak: 1 buck, 2 does

2022 - 5th freshening bred to Lil Miss B Haven Golden Ticket: 2 does

2023 - 6th freshening bred to Lil Miss B Haven Hokey Pokey: 3 does

Show History

2019 CGS West Nationals - 1st place 3/4 year class and CGS West National Champion

Classification History
Year-2019    Age-3    Score- VG89 (the highest score a 2nd freshener can get)

Rump-90  Dairy Strength-90  Feet & Legs-90  Mammary-87 

Year-2023   Age-7    Score-EX93

Rump-94  Dairy Strength-94  Feet & Legs-93  Mammary-93

CGS One-Day Milk Test

2019 - 2nd freshening - 4.63lbs - 3.99% BF = 8.59 Total Points (earned her *M)

2023 - 6th freshening - 5.29lbs - 6.16% BF = 12.28 Total Points

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