*S Castle Rock Black Oak EX93

DOB: April 28 2012


We are over the moon with excitement to own Castle Rock Black Oak. What a fantastic buck he has been for us with 85% of his offspring daughters showing strong improvements over their dams. We can't thank Castle Rock enough for allowing us the opportunity to bring Black Oak up to Canada. He represents a combination of both show and milking lines. His dam, Castle Rock Sarafina is a stunning doe and a finished Grand Champion. She just LA’d EEEE 92. As a 2nd freshener, she produced 657 lbs of milk in only 155 days and did 6.8 lbs on a one day milk test.  His sire’s dam, Castle Rock Penny Wise has earned both her Superior Genetics and Permanent Grand Champion status. She also has a very capacious udder. At only 2 years of age, she produced 1100 lbs of milk in 305 days, landing her a spot on the ADGA and AGS top 10 in 2011. The following year she produced an incredible 8.2 lbs on a one day milk test. 


What his breeder had to say about him;


"Black Oak represents the combination of two doe lines that rise to the top of my "yes!" list. Both Sarafina and Penny Wise are very dairy does, with great production, conformation, and will to milk. I love the profile on this buck- the placement of the front legs, the brisket extension, levelness of topline, blending, and angularity are all traits I would like to see him pass on, as well as the will to milk and productivity of his dam and granddams. He also has flatness of bone and good sweep to his ribs, and the quiet sense of dignity of his mother."    

                                                                                                   SSS: THE ROSASHARN TL SITKA SPRUCE *S
                                                                SS: CASTLE ROCK BENTLEY *S
                                                                                                   SSD: ARMCH LOST VALLEY TB INFINITY 4*D VVEV 87
                                                                                                     SDS: CRF CASTLE ROCK GUY NOIR +B +S
                                                                SD: SGCH CRF CASTLE ROCK PENNY WISE 1*M 3*D VVEE 90 ADGA TOP 10 MILKER
                                                                                                    SDD: CASTLE ROCK MONEY PENNY 2*D 
                                                                                                    DSS: ARMCH TWIN CREEKS BH BAY WATCH *S                            
                                                                DS: TWIN CREEKS BW MONTEGO BAY *S *B
                                                                                                     DSD: GCH/MCH GAY-MOR'S JJU NONPAREIL 3*D 1*M EEEE 92
                                                                                                     DDS: MCH/PGCH PONDERS END MTB WALL STREET *S
                                                               DD: ARMCH/GCH/PGCH ESPERANZA WS SARA 1*M VVEV 87
                                                                                                     DDD: ESPERANZA ZZ SEDONA SNOWSTORM 

Classification History

Year               Age             Score

2016              4                  EX93

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