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Lil Miss B Haven Hokey Pokey *B VG87

March 14 2019

Photos courtesy of Lil Miss B Haven


In Oct 2022 we welcomed Lil Miss B Haven WM HokeyPokey *B to our herd. Someone pinch me! This powerhouse buck is packing a quite an exceptional pedigree!!

His littermate sister is the incredible Lil Miss B Haven Always Magical 3*M VVEE88 who is the 2021 ADGA National Reserve Champion (at only 2 years old) and is dam of the 2021 Spotlight Sale doe that sold for $26,000. She has an stunning socked on mammary with huge well placed teats and is a productive doe producing 6.1 lbs on her one day milk and 1020lbs in 275 days on her 2nd lactation.

His sire, TX Twin Creeks RM Watermark +B VVV86 is the 2021 ADGA National Show Premier Sire and was part of an International Export to Australia in 2020. He has sired many stunning daughters both at Lil Miss B Haven and 3G Family Farm.

His dam, SGCH (Superior Grand Champion) Wood Bridge Farm Hocus Pocus 2*M VVEE90 is a beautiful productive doe who I have admire for a long time. She produced 1200lb of milk in 283 days as a 3rd freshener. She is such a powerful doe with excellent depth, dairy strength length of body and levelness across the topline and rump. Her mammary is well attached with roundness in shape, width of rear and extension of fore. For several years I tried for a buck from Hocus Pocus but her wait list was very long so you can only imagine my excitement to get a buck out of her.

I am so thankful for Megan and Aaron at Lil Miss B Haven for offering Hokey Pokey to me. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to import such an extremely impressive buck from their farm.


                                                                                             SSS: AGS CRF Castle Rock Mr. Lincoln
                                                              SS: ++*B Castle Rock Rainmaker VV+85
                                                                                             SSD: SGCH Algedi Farm E Purple Rain VVEE90

SIRE: +B TX Twincreeks RM Watermark VVV86                                   

                                                                                             SDS: AGS Piddlin Acres PV Pokemon
                                                              SD: CH TX Twincreeks PKM BrownBetty 4*M +VVV86
                                                                                             SDD: GCH AGS Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 1*M EEEE92 
                                                                                             DSS: Old Mountain Farm InLikeQuinn                         
                                                              DS: Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn 2018 1st Get Of Sire + 2022 Elite Herd Sire
                                                                                             DSD: Old Mountain Farm Peris VVVE87
DAM: SGCH Wood Bridge Farm Hocus Pocus 1*M VVEE90
                                                                                             DDS: GCH ++*B AGS Rosasharn UMT Pippen VVE86
                                                             DD: CH Wood Bridge Too Practicalmagic
                                                                                             DDD: SGCH Wood Bridge Too Love Potion# 9 VVVE88

Classification History

Year-2023   Age-4    Score-VG87 (Lost points- OH at the shoulder)

Rump-91  Dairy Strength-90  Feet & Legs-89


Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Hocus Pocus (photo courtesy of Lil Miss B Haven)


Sire: TX Twincreeks RM Watermark (photo courtesy of Lil Miss B Haven)

Brown Betty.jpg

Sires Dam: TX Twincreeks PKM BrownBetty (photo courtesy of TX Twincreeks Farm)


Littermate sister: Lil Miss B Haven Always Magical (photo courtesy of Lil Miss B Haven)

2021 ADGA National Reserve Champion

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