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Curl Creek GT Marigold

DOB: Feb 22 2022

Pictured above at 1 year old (not bagged up). Mammary pics- 1st freshening.


Marigold has definitely become a favorite around here. She's has such a demanding presence about her and is that doe that immediately catches your eye when you look out in the pasture and see her standing there. She's such a beautifully well put together doe. She has strong dairy character, a long elegant neck and great length of both body and bone. She has a beautiful topline and one of the most level rumps I have ever seen in the herd. She has strong front legs and feet and width in the chest and rear. Her first freshening she sadly kidded 2 weeks early so never fully came into milk but her mammary showed so much promise and we can not wait to see her freshen next year. Udder pic above was taken a few days after she kidded premature so not full capacity.


                                                                             SSS: CH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable
                                                        SS:  Agape's Prize Gold Centerfold
                                                                             SSD: CH Wood Bridge Farm 22K Gold EX 91 2021 ADGA National Champion
SIRE: Lil Miss B Haven Golden Ticket VG88
                                                                             SDS: Agape's Prize Sulaymaan Quinn *B
                                                        SD: Lil Miss B Haven Francine 4*M VG88 
                                                                             SDD: ​GCH Lil Miss B Haven Francesca 3*M EX90
                                                                             DSS: Alethia JD Bachelor Party *B VEE87
                                                        DS: Camanna BP Marshall VG85 
                                                                             DSD: CH Old Mountain Farm BrownI’DSuzN VEEE90
DAM: Curl Creek Orchid  
                                                                             DDS: Castle Rock Black Oak +S *S EX93
                                                        DD: Curl Creek Razzmatazz 3*M
                                                                             DDD: Curl Creek Razzle Dazzle 2*M EX93 Select Doe

Kidding History

2023 - 1st freshening bred to Lil Miss B Haven Hokey Pokey: 1 buck (kidded 2 weeks early) 

Show History

Classification History

CGS One-Day Milk Test

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